Abide in Him

I am so thankful for the gift of life.

Today, I am 24. I don’t really feel any older physically or mentally, but, spiritually, I notice something. There’s a spark – a fire, a deep desire for more of the Lord. I just want to be close to Him. I want to know Him like I know a friend.

For the past few days, I’ve been praying that Jesus would be my treasure, that He alone would satisfy me rather than earthly things and desires. It has been easy for me to lose sight of the fact that Jesus needs to always be my treasure when I am distracted by other desires even though they may be good things. However, the Lord has given me so much grace in this area and has been showing me that He is enough, time and time again. And today, I felt the deep love of a perfect Father, and that is where I am resting today. I can truly say that He is my treasure.

I was reading the first part of John 15 earlier today
at a Bible Journaling event. There is something about that word “abide” that really stuck out to me.


Abide – to stay or live somewhere, to remain or continue

Jesus said that He is the vine and we are the branches. Then he goes on to say that if we abide in Him, we will bear much fruit, but apart from Him, we can do nothing. I’m just letting that truth sink deep into my heart today. I am nothing apart from Him. I can do nothing of eternal value apart from the source that gives me life and strength. When I abide – stay, live, remain, and continue – in Him and in His love, the Father is glorified because I’ll bear fruit and prove to be His disciple. Not through my own strength, but through His. It’s a huge testament to the power of God.

In this next year of my life, I really want to learn to always abide in Him, in every season. It’s a choice. When life gets tough – abide. When I’m on a mountain top – abide. When I am confused or have doubt – abide. When I don’t feel that He is near – abide. May I abide in His love for all the days of my life, and may that be the same for you, too.

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