The Start of Something New

Alright y’all. Here goes nothin’. I’ve always wanted to blog and would never stick to it. I found some old blog posts from a long time ago and added them to this new blog for the memories, but I’m hoping this would be the start of something beautiful for me.

I’m excited to grow into the woman the Lord has called me to be, and I’m hoping that my journey will be an encouragement to you. And if not, hopefully you’ll have a good laugh at some point! I plan on sharing things about my walk, my relationships/family, simply/healthy living – basically whatever I want. It’s my blog, ya dig? But I do want it to be a place where I can be real and others feel comfortable enough to be real, too.

I’m honestly not sure what will come of this or if I will “forget” about blogging as life gets busier, but I’m just taking one step at a time. If all else fails, I’ll still have the memories here I can look back on to remember how God has been faithful.

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